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Feedback from James Hiromasa:

My wife and I just got back from Israel and a week-long Krav Maga Instructor training at Wingate Institute in Netanya.  Having had been there before, we were familiar with Wingate but didn’t know what to expect for this particular training.

I have to say we were completely impressed and had a wonderful time and some great training.  The Staff at Wingate is extremely helpful and all spoke English very well, so we never felt like we were ever in need of anything.  The Hotels staff at Wingate were attentive (I especially have to thank Varda for her help) and would call us a taxi whenever we needed one, would even tell them were we needed to go and did all the cost negotiating for us, which was helpful and a money saver!

We were well fed in the cafeteria, but chose also to eat at nearby restaurants for more variety.  During last year’s trip the cafeteria was a little more versatile in their menu than this year, but since 3 meals a day were included in the price, it’s hard to argue with that.  There was plenty enough to fuel the body for a weeks worth of physical training.

The Instructors and Administrative staff were also great!  Guy Mor, the head of the Martial Arts division at Wingate was as good a host as one could possibly hope for.  Guy was also one of the lecturers and instructors and he excelled wearing both hats.  Our other instructors and lecturers were all very well versed in their subject matter, and overall it was a very educating experience.  When heading to Wingate for a course, expect to get in-depth information in your lectures and take a lot of notes.

It’s a good possibility that we’ll be back for another level of training and certification.  Wingate, and Guy’s division in particular, is more than happy to customize the physical/practical training curriculum to fit our (or your) groups specific needs.  This trip, it was entirely up to Wingate to choose the curriculum for us and they did a great job.  Only a few physical sessions out of the entire week didn’t quite line up with our groups philosophy on self defense training (Krav Maga).  Although the instructors in even those classes were top notch and very nice people, next time we’re there we’d probably customize it a little further.

Wingate is right on the Beach in Netanya, amazing views of the ocean and great weather.  We highly recommend your group heading to Wingate for Instructor Training.  You can train in any style of martial art you want to, not just Krav Maga, because the physical training is customized to you.  The Instructor training is, however, not.  There is (and we wholeheartedly agree) a proven formula to being a good instructor and running a great class in any physical art or sport and that’s what Wingate provides.

Thank you Guy and your team for a wonderful experience.  We’re looking forward to going back!

James Hiromasa

Force Training Specialist

Colorado Krav Maga

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