Instructors Course November 2012

As far as my experience at the Wingate I can certainly say that it has been a time of professional growth, although I have more than ten years of teaching experience, the methodology proposed by you, it was very enlightening in its simplicity, even if at first had seemed to me to be too simple and almost obvious.

Today in my classes I always use the methodology of the fragmenting of the technique with excellent results.
In detail, the instructors course program, I believe it has been intense but at the right pace , we were at Wingate to take an instructor course in Krav Maga and the “fatigue” was an important stimulus, I would have appreciated a greater load of physical training.
I fully agree with the choice you made on the division ,percentage wise, of teaching theory and practice.

The teachers that were chosen have been exactly at my expectations level just like the high quality of Wingate,  I liked less the teaching about the awareness of the “Fighter”.

A great appreciation goes to Shachar for the high quality of his teaching, to you and Abi for the immense professionalism and competence.

The logistic accommodation was faultless, in other words, it has been an experience to repeat.

It has been very interesting and challenging the confrontation with people from other countries and with different applications and interpretations of krav maga, the use of the English language has not represented an obstacle to me in the “learning process.

Having lived a wonderful experience and having seen at first hand the high quality of Wingate it is my intention to set up a sort of permanent collaboration, and I’d like to organize a small training every year, bringing people from Italy, making them live krav maga in Israel.

Dott. Danilo Levote
Professional Security Academy
Krav Maga Italia

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